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West Virginia Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersMany people believe they understand exactly how devastating alcohol abuse can be, but in reality they don’t know the half of it. Alcohol poses a risk to everyone in your immediate vicinity, including yourself. Alcohol makes people more likely to be the victims of physical and emotional abuse, for example, which can take the form of certain co-occurring mental dependencies. Alcohol also significantly reduces a person’s overall health and can put them at an increased risk for conditions like liver failure. If you live in West Virginia, there are a wide range of alcohol treatment and recovery resources that you should definitely be taking advantage of.

Alcohol Risks for Christians

There are certain groups that will always find themselves at a far greater risk for alcohol dependency issues than others. Christians are one of these groups, largely due to the fact that they are more likely from a statistical standpoint to consume five or more alcoholic drinks multiple times per week. Christians are also more likely to drink hard liquor, which is another factor that contributes to the problem.

West Virginia Alcohol Abuse

The website SAMHSA.gov has compiled a variety of different statistics regarding alcohol abuse and treatment across the state of West Virginia. These numbers represent alcohol abuse information regarding the segment of the population that is aged 12 or older. During the past month, for example, binge alcohol use numbered at 2890 individuals across the state. While this is significantly lower than certain other states in the south, it is still high when you consider the health risks involved. Binge alcohol use in the past month for people between the ages of 12 and 20 alone numbered at 440 people.

When you turn your attention towards people who need help for alcohol treatment but are not currently receiving it, the situation becomes truly dire. It is estimated that almost 2150 people across West Virginia currently need help through the recovery process but are not receiving it, compared to the 480 people who are currently receiving treatment for alcohol dependency issues.

West Virginia Treatment Options for Christians

West Virginia has a wide range of alcohol abuse and recovery treatment options available for Christians to start taking advantage of immediately. These include but are certainly not limited to facilities like the Charleston Area Medical Center Behavioral Health Services Unit, which offers mental health services in addition to other types of alcohol therapy.

Another facility in the area is the Charleston Treatment Center Inc., which offers Christian alcohol treatment recovery services aimed at all ages, races and sexes. The facility also specializes in both inpatient and outpatient treatment, allowing medical professionals to gear services towards exactly what is needed depending on the situation.

Another facility in the area is the Prestera Center Mattie V Lee Home, which is located in Charleston, West Virginia. In addition to standard alcohol treatment recovery services, it also offers Christian long-term alcohol rehab centers for extended stay alcohol treatment. These programs can range anywhere from three to six months depending on the nature of the issue in question.

All three of the aforementioned facilities, along with others across the state, offer a wide range of payment options including private health insurance, private pay, cash, sliding scales for Christians, POS plans, indemnity plans and more.

Alcohol Treatment Information

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