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Pennsylvania Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol is the drug of choice for many Americans. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 87 percent of citizens over the age of 18 drank alcohol during the year 2012. Of those people who drank alcohol, approximately 25 percent admitted to binge drinking at one point. Alcohol is a drug that is easy to obtain and even easier to consume, leaving many people dependent on the drug. During the year 2007, about 663,000 people reported that they were dependent on alcohol in the state of Pennsylvania. It should be noted that approximately 635,000 people needed treatment for their addiction but did not get it. In many cases, people do not even realize that they are addicted to alcohol and that treatment is necessary in order to stop drinking. In other situations, people do not feel comfortable seeking the help of qualified professionals at these recovery treatment centers because they are not aware of their options.

For some people, a faith-based program is the best option. There are many Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers in Pennsylvania, allowing people who affiliate with this religion to get the treatment that they need while also focusing on their personal, spiritual journey. There are about 6.7 million Christians in Pennsylvania alone, representing about 55 percent of the total population. Christian alcohol treatment centers are available to help people grow their relationship with Christ while severing their relationship with alcohol and other illicit drugs.

Treatment Programs at Christian Facilities

Regardless of whether a patient prefers an inpatient facility, outpatient treatment center, or holistic care center, they can find a Christian alcohol treatment recovery center that will help them become sober. Christian treatment centers are designed to help people battle their addiction, while also focusing on their faith at the same time. These facilities believe that faith in Christ helps bring a new focus and center to a patient’s life, and can help them be more successful for the long term. In addition to receiving medical treatment and psychological care, patients will also receive spiritual advising. Prayer is an important part of the recovery journey at any Christian alcohol treatment recovery center.

There are a variety of different types of Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers in Pennsylvania. Some facilities offer strictly outpatient counseling services, allowing patients to work with counselors on an individual level as well as at the group level. This gives people the opportunity to recover from their addiction while also balancing their other responsibilities at the same time. People who have a more severe addiction may benefit from a residential treatment center, where they can focus completely on their recovery while also receiving medical care from qualified professionals. Holistic treatment centers offer alternative treatment options for patients who do not feel that conventional medicine is the right choice for them.

Pennsylvania Christian Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

As one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania, it comes as no surprise that there are 79 different Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers in Philadelphia alone. Interim House Inc is a residential facility in Philadelphia that offers Christian-based treatment programs for patients. This long-term facility provides programs that last for 60, 90, or 120 days. The Phoenix Training Institute is based out of Allentown, and it offers conventional addiction treatment programs as well as mental health services for its patients. The Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery is a long-term residential treatment center located in Harrisburg. Its programs last for about 3-6 months, and it allows patients to completely immerse themselves in the recovery process.

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