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Ohio Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersMany residents of Ohio are currently battling an addiction to alcohol, and the struggle is always exhausting. However, for those individuals who identify as Christians, this battle can be even more difficult and wrought with emotional turmoil. Fortunately, effective treatment centers are available within the state.

About Alcoholism in Ohio

Research has shown that alcoholism is a serious problem in the state of Ohio. In fact, according to a recent report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a staggering 774,000 Ohio residents were suffering from alcohol abuse or dependence during 2007. An addiction to alcohol can impact your life in many different ways, both professionally and personally. People who engage in long-term alcohol abuse may also develop a number of health complications, including a higher risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, bone loss and liver malfunction.

Alcoholism and Christianity

Regardless of your religious views, addiction to alcohol is unhealthy and upsetting, but Christians who are addicted to alcohol may also find themselves facing guilt and disappointment because of their beliefs. Alcohol abuse is not supported by Christian teachings, and some churches condemn even occasional drinking. However, according to the United States Census Bureau, 43.3 percent of Ohioans identify as Christians, and some of these individuals are undoubtedly dealing with alcohol addiction.

Christian Treatment Centers in Ohio

Below are some of the alcohol addiction treatment programs available to Christians in Ohio.

Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Located in Columbus, this treatment center was founded on Christian principles and exists to help individuals overcome alcoholism with the assistance of God’s word. Programs at this facility are built around the idea that patients will benefit most when they are shown love, compassion and forgiveness. Individual counseling, group therapy and self-analysis are also incorporated into treatment.

The Good Samaritan’s Inn

The Good Samaritan’s Inn is a recovery facility located in Hamilton, OH. Programs at this facility are designed to treat individuals who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. All treatment programs incorporate Christian counseling and are family-focused. The goal of treatment is to heal the individual’s mind, body and soul so that he or she can become a productive member of society.

New Destiny Treatment Center

Located in Clinton, OH, the New Destiny Treatment Center offers both residential and outpatient treatment for individuals who are addicted to alcohol or other controlled substances. Recovery at this facility is faith-based, and all counselors are licensed by the state. The New Destiny Treatment Center seeks to provide all patients with spiritual guidance and emotional support while promoting their physical and mental health.

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