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North Dakota Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersThe decision to discontinue alcohol use and abuse is an important step in the recovery process. When an individual feels overwhelmed with the process of recovery, it can help to seek professional treatment. In North Dakota, roughly 60 percent of residents drink alcohol and about 32 percent binge drink, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Binge drinking can increase the risk of serious health concerns and addiction, but that does not mean it is impossible to stop using alcohol. Roughly 25,000 individuals in North Dakota are Christian, says the U.S. Census Bureau, and it can help to seek treatment from a Christian Program.

Identifying a Christian Program

Christian treatment programs are not exactly the same as a traditional program. Although many of the treatment options are similar, a Christian program will include an element of spirituality and spiritual guidance. The National Institutes on Health state that faith-based treatments incorporate the values and beliefs of Christianity into the core activities and treatment options. It does not eliminate the secular and traditional approaches to alcohol recovery; instead, it focuses on treating the addiction from several different areas of life.

Spirituality cannot be overlooked when it relates to alcohol treatment and recovery. A treatment program that includes spirituality and Christian beliefs can be helpful to individuals who are trying to recover and want to avoid alcohol in the future. The key is recognizing the options and treatment programs that are appropriate for the goals of the individual.

Treatment options that are available in many Christian programs include:

  • Spiritual teachings
  • Appropriate treatments for physical health concerns and ailments
  • Treatment for mental health disorders, which may be a contributing factor to the addiction
  • Counseling for an individual
  • Behavioral therapy or cognitive treatments
  • Group and family therapy
  • Fitness or nutrition therapy
  • Additional treatment options for creative pursuits, hobbies or improved physical health

The best approach to recovery is identifying personal goals and following a treatment plan that can address those concerns. For individuals who want a strong connection to God or who feel that their spiritual life is lacking, it can help to seek treatment from a program that incorporates Christian beliefs into the personalized treatment plan.

North Dakota Treatment Programs

Treatment programs that can help with recovery can depend on the specific goals and needs of each individual. Generally, a long-term treatment approach that respects the beliefs of the individual is a key part of recovering for a lifetime. Christian programs are available in North Dakota that can help with the recovery process.

ACS Crisis Residential is a Christian treatment program that offers residential services and a personalized treatment plan. The program is designed around the needs of Christians and it primarily focuses on alcohol abuse and recovery services. The cost of treatment can vary based on the specific programs that are employed in the treatment plan, but the program does accept insurance.

The Growing Today Inc. STEP Program is a Christian treatment that offers long-term residential treatment and care. The program is designed around the needs of individuals who may have relapsed on alcohol in the past and it offers three to six months of treatment for each individual. Although the treatment program is extensive, the Christian program accepts government funded options and may provide a payment plan to ensure that the treatment is affordable.

Centre Inc. is a treatment program that follows Christian values and provides long-term residential care. The program is available for three to six months, depending on the needs of the individual, and it accepts most major insurance providers.

Stepping Into a Healthy Lifestyle

To learn more about programs that are available in North Dakota, contact today.Alcohol abuse can be hard to stop, but there are programs that can provide the assistance, education and tools that an individual needs to recover. Christian programs can provide the spiritual, physical and emotional tools that make recovery a possibility. To learn more about programs that are available in North Dakota, contact today.

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