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Montana Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersMontana Is the Home of Fantastic Landscapes and Underage Drinking

When you think of Montana, it’s likely that you have visions of Yellowstone Park, or the amazing and diverse landscapes. Montana is home to beautiful mountain ranges and clear water streams. It’s also home to a very serious underage drinking epidemic. According to the CDC, in 2009 more than 75 percent of Montana’s 9th to 12th graders admitted to drinking at least one alcoholic beverage in their lifetime. More than 30 percent stated that they had been binge drinking within 30 days of the survey. Considering the fact that these surveys cannot account for honesty, we can assume the problem is even more widespread than these statistics would indicate.

What’s so startling is not that teenagers are drinking, but the much wider impact these statistics indicate to those who understand alcohol abuse. Someone who starts drinking before the age of 15 is more than 4 times as likely to develop a serious abuse problem. We also know that the brain is not fully formed until the age of 21, the reason for the age restriction. Regular use of alcohol or other mind-altering substances during this time can result in lifelong changes that cannot be reversed.

Christian Based Alcohol Treatment Centers in Montana

Montana is home to many different types of treatment centers, from long-term inpatient facilities to outpatient meetings. If you’re seeking a treatment program which includes tenets of the Christian faith, there are a number of facilities to consider. The Great Falls Rescue mission in Great Falls offers a yearlong residential program and a halfway house for men called the Our Christian Discipleship Program. They offer Bible studies, therapy, a support group, and life skills lessons. They also have a six month program for women called the Humbled Hearts Program.

The Montana Rescue Mission, located in Billings, is devoted to all aspects of helping the homeless. As many people find themselves homeless due to substance and alcohol abuse issues, the mission offers programs to help homeless individuals overcome their addiction and reclaim their sobriety and independence.

Trinity Teen Solutions is located in Wyoming but serves the Billings, Montana area. Trinity is a residential treatment center devoted to young girls. Their philosophy is that the world is especially harsh for young women to navigate and they seek to bring them into a family, natural environment free of the pressures in their everyday world. At Trinity, young women can commune with nature and Christ, and build relationships with other girls on the journey to recovery.

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Please contact us for free guidance in selecting the right facility for your recovery.All of these centers offer treatment with the Christian faith as a firm foundation to all of their programs and therapy. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, please contact for free guidance in selecting the right facility for your recovery.

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