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Mississippi Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersA successful rehab treatment program will revolve around helping the patient overcome their physical illness while also gaining the tools they need to be successful against succumbing to the temptation after they leave their therapy. For Christians, this will often involve strengthening and renewing a relationship with God. For many believers, finding a Christian-based rehab can be the most successful type of treatment because it helps patients grow spiritually and works well within their worldview.

Alcohol and substance abuse in Christianity

In Christianity, all humans sin and fall short of the glory they are called to. For those who struggle with substance abuse problems, one of their most harmful temptations has been the urge to use these mind-altering substances. A Christian rehab will focus on helping patients grow spiritually throughout their program and having a stronger relationship with God so they have the ability to face these temptations and overcome them.

In Mississippi there are well over 1 million Christians of various denominations. There are also a number of people who have been surveyed who admit to potential substance abuse problems. At the time of the survey, 440,000 admitted to binge drinking alcohol in the past month. There were also 43,000 who qualified as dependent upon illicit drugs and 67,000 who qualified as dependent upon alcohol. Given these statistics, the need for Christian based rehab who can help believers strengthen their faith and overcome their illnesses becomes apparent.

Christian-based alcohol and substance abuse rehab

In a Christ-centered program, counselors and treatment leaders will focus around encouraging patients to overcome their substance abuse problems through the help of God. They will be encouraged to grow spiritually throughout the program, which is expected to help them make a full recovery and overcome the temptation to use again after leaving treatment.

With the spiritual component, it is common for Christian-based treatment programs to have a more holistic approach to overcoming substance abuse. It is also common in this paradigm for patients to have access to a number of other types of therapies, such as vocational therapy, help with parenting, art therapies, and similar types of help to guide the person to grow as a person in every facet of life. Counselors will often work with patients to uncover other potential influences on their addiction, such as family or work stress, and how to overcome these challenges.

Within Christian-based rehabs, there are typically two main classes of programs. Outpatient programs are designed for those who need support and guidance in overcoming the substance abuse problems but who do not need constant supervision and can successfully recover while still remaining largely within their normal environment. These treatments also tend to work well for those who have outside obligations that cannot be postponed.

Inpatient therapy is the preferred treatment for those who need more intensive, continual support to help them overcome their illness. Many programs that have inpatient treatment also offer additional types of help, such as detoxification, when needed.

Christian therapies in Mississippi

COPAC in Brandon, Mississippi

COPAC focuses on healing the whole person and the programs works to help the person change and grow. They offer intensive outpatient and inpatient treatment programs. Therapies include alternate therapies ranging from adventure therapy to equine therapy while also including more traditional programs, such as family therapy.

Oak Arbor in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Oak Arbor is based on the 12 step process. They offer both inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care includes individual counseling, group therapy, family counseling, vocational counseling, and educational activities. They also offer services specifically designed for veterans.

Recovery House, Inc in Columbus, Mississippi

This residential treatment program focuses on providing a homelike environment for women looking to recover from substance abuse problems. The center offers three stages of treatment, from initial treatment to inpatient treatment that focuses on educational opportunities and life skills to transitional housing. They focus on helping people become productive citizens once again.

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