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Massachusetts Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersWhen you find that you have become addicted to alcohol, it may have taken you a while to determine that there was a problem in the first place, but now you are ready to get clean and sober and are looking for assistance. As a Christian, you will have spiritual needs that need to be addressed as you work on the physical and mental aspects of your alcohol addiction in Massachusetts.

Addiction can touch people from any walk of life, regardless of their faith. Approximately 3,280,000 people used alcohol in the past month in Massachusetts, with 1,448,000 engaging in binge drinking, according to the latest statistics available from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Knowing that you are not alone in the quest for sobriety can be a source of comfort as you seek treatment.

Options for Christian Treatment

About 3,725,000 consider themselves to be Christian adherents in Massachusetts, or about 59 percent of the state population, according to the most recent figures from the U.S. Census. Fortunately, people of faith have a number of options when it comes to getting treatment for alcohol dependence.

Depending on the severity of your addiction and your particular obligations regarding work, school and family, you might find outpatient treatment to be the most suitable option. Outpatient services include attending meetings on an individual and group basis and going through classes and workshops.

People who require a more structured approach can opt for inpatient treatment, in which they undergo detoxification under medical supervision while making comprehensive changes in their lifestyle.

Regardless of whether you select inpatient or outpatient assistance, including a spiritual component that includes recognition of your reliance on a higher power for spiritual growth can make all the difference on your journey to recovery from alcohol addiction.

Finding Treatment in Massachusetts

Christians hoping to put their alcohol abuse problems behind them should take comfort from knowing that there are a variety of recovery centers in Massachusetts where they can get the help they need.

For example, Boston is home to Hope House, which offers individual treatment plans and a 21-day program, which includes group classes and 12-step meetings. Hope House focuses on teaching clients about the important role of spirituality in their daily affairs. Once people complete the 21-day program, they begin phase 2, in which they must either be working or seeking full-time employment. Those not working must still attend meetings in the group house and adhere to a structured routine as approved by their counselor. Phase 3 consists of aftercare and is designed to help clients maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle.

In Cambridge, Christians who are seeking assistance with their alcohol abuse problem can get help at Prevention and Recovery Center at Mount Auburn Hospital. Clients are offered both intervention and treatment services, so if you are trying to arrange for an intervention for a family member or close friend, this would be a suitable facility to consider. The center treats people for alcohol and substance abuse with a customized approach that includes individual therapy sessions.

Another rehabilitation center worth considering is High Point Treatment Center in Plymouth. Here, clients undergo treatment for alcohol addiction in a peaceful environment. The center features an inpatient psychiatric unit, a unit to provide dual diagnosis (for people who have substance abuse challenges as well as mental health issues) and detoxification facilities. You can obtain clinical stabilization services here as well as participate in outpatient and community services as you get your life back on track.

Take the first step and contact us today to get started on treatment that can bring you to a life free from addiction.If you are looking to turn your life around and get help with your alcohol abuse problem, it’s a good idea to undergo recovery in a supportive and friendly environment. There is so much information to sort through about recovery options that many people prefer using to help in the search for treatment. To continue on the road to sobriety, please contact today.

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