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Maryland Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersPatients who recognize that they need help overcoming their substance abuse problems often seek treatments that align with their beliefs and worldview. When a person feels as though their needs are being adequately met by their treatment, they will have a much better chance of success. Christians often have a unique perspective on the need for healing and reconciliation with the community, so a Christian treatment center can be an excellent resource for believers who struggle with substance abuse.

Alcohol and substance abuse problems in Christianity

A Christian based healing center will focus on helping the person grow physically and spiritually. Not only will the patient work on overcoming their illness, they will also learn the appropriate steps to strengthening their relationship with Christ to help them find stability and resist temptations that might come their way after treatment is finished.

Christians also focus on helping patients understand and encounter the love of Jesus and the redemption He brought to the earth. Christians believe that all humans sin and fall short of the glory that God calls them to, and thus will work with those struggling with substance abuse to overcome their temptations and experience the healing that Jesus can bring.

Maryland is home to over 2 million Christians, who comprise about 38 percent of the population. Given that such a substantial portion of the population, it is likely that a significant number of them will also be struggling with substance abuse issues. A recent study indicated that 977,000 people in Maryland admitted to binge drinking in the past month, with 146,000 qualifying as alcohol dependent and 93,000 qualifying as illicit drug dependent. The prevalence of these problems speaks to the importance of Christian rehabilitation centers to help believers have the greatest chances of success with sobriety.

Christian treatments for substance abuse

Christian substance abuse centers will focus on bringing the individual closer to God, trusting faith and Christ to help the patient in their quest for recovery. Christian recovery centers tend to fall under two main categories: inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment tends to be best for those who struggle with abuse issues but either do not need constant supervision and a stable recovery facility. This option also works well for those who have commitments that cannot be neglected, such as with family or work. Outpatient therapies will often involve regular meetings with counselors and others in recovery.

Inpatient therapy may involve steps such as detoxification when they are needed. Therapies will be help throughout the day and patients have a much higher degree of regulation.

Both types of treatment can be held with a more holistic treatment in mind, where patients might receive alternative therapy options. These therapies will work on helping the person grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. The therapies will be designed to help patients cope with their illness by examining a number of different factors that could be contributing to their struggles, such as stress or isolation. After treatment is completed, Christian treatment centers are also likely to provide support services such as vocational training, transitional living, and assistance with searches for employment and housing.

Christian treatment centers in Maryland

Journey to Self Understanding Outpatient Substance Abuse Program in Silver Spring

This outpatient facility provides patients with assistance regarding their substance abuse problems and any co-occurring mental health problems. Dr. Nyang uses various therapies, including cognitive behavioral approaches and Gestalt techniques, to help patients improve their personal insight and make positive gains with their health.

Right Turn of Maryland/IMPACT DUI in Baltimore

This inpatient facility offers educational opportunities, treatment, counseling, and various recovery alternatives for DUI offenders as well as those struggling with substance abuse. They pride themselves on being a cost effective means of treatment, helping to ensure that all those who need help throughout the region have the resources to do so.

Joseph S. Massie Unit

The Joseph S. Massie Unit offers inpatient services with a holistic treatment model. They offer a variety of therapies, including vocational counseling, individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling. They can also help with parenting and child care, nutrition, exercise, and more.

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