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Maine Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersMaine Alcohol Abuse: A Challenge to Faith

The state of Maine has its share of individuals struggling with alcohol-related problems. Among the 620,000 Maine residents who reported taking one or more drinks per month, some 254,000 engaged in binge drinking — the potentially dangerous consumption of 4 or more drinks at a sitting for women, or 5 or more for men. 85,000 sought treatment for alcohol dependence or abuse. The state exhibits a low tolerance for alcohol-related issues such as drunk driving, enforcing some of the strictest DUI laws in the nation. Christians dealing with a drinking issue may feel even more intolerance, or at least relatively little sympathy, since Maine has been cited as the the “least Christian” state in the U.S.

Why Choose a Christian Alcohol Treatment Program?

Christians face special challenges when it comes alcohol dependence and recovery. Alcohol’s tendency to strip away inhibitions and judgement often results in these individuals committing transgressions they would never make while sober. This loss of control leads to feelings of shame and worthlessness in the sight of God, a source of emotional pain that may be foreign to non-Christian alcohol abusers. Their behavior while under the influence may also set a poor example for their children, peers, and others who might look to them as an example of the Christian lifestyle.

Christians seek Christ-centered recovery programs so that they may mend their relationship with the Lord even as they overcome their physical and mental dependence. Christianity-based programs offer this additional spiritual component in addition to purely medical and psychological therapies. Typical features of such a program may include Bible studies and other spiritual education, Christian group therapy, and meditation or prayer as essential step toward full recovery. On a broader level, these programs offer a degree of understanding and empathy for specific spiritual challenges that non-Christian programs may not be equipped to address. It should be noted that while non-Christians are not excluded from these programs, they should be open to education and possible conversion during their stay.

Christian-based Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Maine

For a state that ranks relatively low on the national Christianity scale, Maine does quite well for itself by offering Christianity-based alcohol treatment recovery programs in no fewer than 57 different cities. Among the cities, Bangor and Portland set the pace at 19 and 15 treatment facilities respectively. If you have the freedom to travel to the city of your choice, you can select specific features that best suit your needs. For instance, the Christian program at Portland’s Serenity House include extended-stay care of 3 to 6 months. Facilities such as Crossroads for Women Kennebunk Counseling Center offer a mix of mental and alcohol treatment services. Maine General Counseling in Waterville is one of many Maine centers that accepts Christian military insurance programs such as Tricare in addition to wide range of other insurance programs and payment options.

The Next Step Is Yours

Take that first step now by contacting for additional information and guidance.A Christ-centered alcohol treatment program can help you strengthen your faith even as you restore your body and mind to health — but only if you’re willing to take the necessary steps to make it happen. Take that first step now by contacting for additional information and guidance.

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