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Louisiana Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcoholism is a prevalent problem in society today, and many people do not get the treatment that they need for this disease. During the year 2007, it was reported that there were 258,000 people who were addicted to alcohol or dependent on the drug. Of those, 249,000 people did not get the treatment that they needed for their addiction. One reason that people do not seek out their treatment options is because they do not always realize that there are a variety of different treatment centers available, designed to meet the specific needs of individual patients. In Louisiana, there are 2.6 million Christian residents that represent about 58 percent of the total population. Given the fact that so many people in this state affiliate with the Christian religion, it comes as no surprise that there are many Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers there.

Treatment Options at a Christian Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center

Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers offer treatment programs with a focus on faith and spirituality. The goal is for the patient to not only become permanently sober, but to also experience spiritual growth and renewal. The teachings of Christ and the practice of prayer are used in order to empower the patient and provide them with a new focus in their life. This can be extremely helpful for a person who is battling an addiction to alcohol, because they have to fill the void that alcohol has left in their life.

Patients should understand that Christian treatment centers offer the same types of qualified programs as conventional, secular treatment centers. Outpatient treatment centers focus on counseling opportunities for patients. A patient who chooses this type of facility will go to individual counseling sessions with qualified therapists, as well as group sessions with other patients who are recovering from addiction at the same time. Outpatient treatment centers are ideal for patients who have a moderate addiction to alcohol and who prefer to recover while also managing their regular personal responsibilities, such as work and family obligations. Inpatient treatment centers offer residential programs that are designed for patients who have a moderate to severe addiction to alcohol. These programs last for 30 days to 120 days, depending on the facility and the individual patient. At a residential treatment center, patients will work with medical professionals, counselors, and spiritual advisors. These facilities give patients the chance to focus completely on their recovery without any outside distractions.

Louisiana Christian Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

New Orleans is a city largely known for its parties and raucous behavior, but it also has a significant Christian influence. There are six Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers in this city, including Bridge House Inc. This facility is a residential treatment center that provides long-term treatment programs for patients that last for about 3-6 months. The Caddo and Bossier Center is a long-term recovery treatment center that provides Christian patients with medical care, counseling programs, and recreational activities. This facility is located in Shreveport, and it focuses on providing patients with personalized alcohol treatment recovery services. Lake Charles Behavioral Health Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Lake Charles. It is an ideal choice for Christian patients who are battling an addiction to alcohol and a mental health illness at the same time.

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