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Alcoholism is a serious condition regardless of the individual it affects. However, Christians in Kentucky who suffer from an addiction to alcohol often face unique challenges that may not apply to others with this problem. Fortunately, treatment centers are available to help people overcome their addiction and live better lives.

About Alcoholism in Kentucky

Alcohol abuse and dependence affects a large number of people in Kentucky. In fact, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 216,000 people in Kentucky were suffering from alcohol abuse or dependence just in 2007. People who are addicted to alcohol may face a number of health complications, including heart problems, liver disease, bone loss, increased risk of cancer and more. Individuals who are abusing alcohol may also experience problems in their professional and personal lives.

Alcoholism and Christianity

For most Christians, the abuse of alcohol is not only unhealthy, but it is also against the religion’s teachings. According to the United States Census Bureau, more than half of Kentucky’s residents identify themselves as Christians, so it stands to reason that many of the people who are addicted to alcohol in Kentucky are also members of the Christian faith.

Christian Treatment Centers in Kentucky

Christians in Kentucky who are addicted to alcohol may benefit from a specialized treatment program. Below are some of the Christian treatment centers available in Kentucky.

Christian Alcohol and Drug Detox

Located in Lexington, Christian Alcohol and Drug Detox is designed to help Christians deal with their addiction through faith and hard work. This treatment program utilizes a combination of prayer, counseling, self-examination and discussion in order to discover the root of the individual’s addiction and overcome it. In addition to Christian counselors, this center also employs licensed physicians and nurses in order to ensure the quality of care.

The Bridge to Recovery

The Bridge to Recovery is a Christian treatment program located in Bowling Green, KY. This program exists to treat each patient physically, psychologically and spiritually so that the patient can not only overcome his or her addiction, but also lead a more fulfilling life after treatment. Several programs are available based on the individual’s needs.

The Hope Center

Also located in Lexington is the Hope Center. This Christian treatment center serves both men and women who are addicted to alcohol, as well as those who are homeless, mentally ill or dealing with other serious problems. Separate recovery programs are available for men and women. The goal of treatment is to help patients overcome their addiction and live a full life.

City of Hope Recovery Center

The City of Hope Recovery Center is another Christian facility located in Louisville, KY. This facility offers both residential and outpatient treatment services designed to discover the underlying cause of addiction and help each patient get his or her life back on track. This facility also offers church services to patients in its worship center.

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