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Kansas Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAccording to the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, 194,000 individuals age 12 and older reported to having alcohol dependence or abuse in Kansas in 2007. A popular type of treatment for those struggling with alcohol dependency in Kansas is to follow a Christian alcohol treatment and recovery program. Such programs are not that different than secular alcohol treatment and recovery programs, except for the fact that they are based on faith. Yet considering that 48.6 percent of adults in Kansas reported themselves as being Christian in 2000 to the US Census Bureau, Christianity as a basis for alcohol treatment seems a strong proponent in this Midwestern state. The main aspect of this type of treatment is the belief that an individual can find their independence from alcohol through their faith in God. If you are a Christian or you would like to follow the Christian principles for recovery from alcohol, then this may be an ideal program for your treatment from alcohol dependence.

One of the first methods for treatment under a Christian-based program is to submit to God. Start by confessing for your sins so that you are capable of accepting the will of God. Once you are cleansed of your sins, the true recovery from alcohol can begin in earnest. Along this line of recovery is forgiveness. In a Christian alcohol recovery program you will be asked to forgive everyone who has done you wrong. You will also accept humility and ask those who you have wronged to forgive you. This is a major step in your recovery process. Other components of this form of treatment include going to a therapist who is trained in the Christian principles of counseling, in addition to going to church regularly. By surrounding yourself with like-minded Christians you are protecting yourself from relapse by creating a stable foundation based on your faith.

Kansas Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Programs for Christians

Saint Francis Community and Residential Services, Inc.

Based in Great Bend, Kansas Saint Francis Community and Residential Services, Inc. offers a faith-based resource for alcohol dependency. Saint Francis is part of the Episcopal tradition, which is based on scripture, tradition and reason. You can receive alcohol counseling at Saint Francis, as well as impatient residential and outpatient alcohol treatment services.

Associated Word of Life Counselors at the Word of Life Counseling Center

At Associated Word of Life Counselors at the Word of Life Counseling Center in Wichita, Kansas, patients can receive Christian counseling for alcohol dependency issues. Additionally, the center provides a state-licensed alcohol outpatient clinic. This clinic follows the Christian 12 Step Program in an 18-week program. Participants can attend onsite relapse prevention groups, as well as a DUI evaluation based on court-ordered needs.

Catholic Social Services Dodge City Rural Family Addiction and Behavioral Health

Located in Dodge City, the Catholic Social Services Dodge City Rural Family Addiction and Behavioral Health center offers outpatient treatment only for alcohol dependency. This is a faith-based program following the Catholic principles of Christianity. Participants receive individual and family counseling based on Catholic philosophies in relation to their alcohol dependency issues. In this spiritual approach, participants are treated using the Christian 12 Step Program. The center also provides referrals to other in-state programs, such as for long-term residential inpatient care for alcohol treatment or hospital rehabilitation for recovery from alcohol.

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Take the first step and contact us today to get started on treatment that can bring you to a life free from addiction.Finding a way to incorporate your faith in God into your recovery from dependence on alcohol can be vital to your recovery. For many, this type of faith-based program is exactly what they need to move from recovery to treatment and aftercare. If you are interested in finding more information about Christian alcohol recovery and treatment centers in Kansas, please contact AlcoholTreatment.net as soon as possible. Your life could very well depend on it, and we want to be part of your recovery process.

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