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Iowa Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersThe first step to overcoming a problem is first admitting that there’s a problem in the first place. But just as important as conceding that there is a problem is the decision of how to solve it. It’s true for every problem, but the choice of how to treat it is perhaps magnified when it comes to something serious like alcohol abuse or dependence, especially considering that alcohol is a socially accepted substance that’s consumed regularly at special occasions and other functions.

Millions of Americans suffer from alcohol addiction, and the residents of the state of Iowa are no exception. In fact, it’s estimated that 681,000 Iowa residents have admitted to binge drinking within the past month, while 97,000 are identified as being dependent on alcohol. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 229,000 Iowa residents are either identified as being dependent on alcohol or having abused it. And lastly, it’s projected that as many as 218,000 Iowa residents are in need of treatment for their alcohol issues, but currently not seeking any treatment. And that brings us back to the question of treatment – just where do you go to find the right care and counseling to get on the path to a healthy life? One option is a faith-based treatment center, specifically one that treats patients with a Christianity influence.

The Value of Christian Alcohol Treatment Facilities

In Iowa, nearly 1.7 million people identify themselves as Christians, making this faith-based treatment an ideal option for such people who are battling alcohol abuse or dependence. Just how does Christian-based treatment differ from other types of treatment? Essentially, Christian alcohol treatment facilities don’t just provide counseling and support to help one overcome addiction, but they also aim to establish spiritual healing by incorporating God and the Bible into one’s recovery. They aim to re-establish a patient’s sense of self-worth and accomplishment by incorporating community service and volunteer work into the recovery programs in an effort to reaffirm God’s plan for everyone and help people find their place in society.

Like most other treatment centers, Christian alcohol treatment facilities offer the likes of inpatient, residential care and outpatient counseling – the treatment course which obviously differs on a per-patient basis. But in a Christian-based treatment facility, patients aren’t just learning to overcome alcohol abuse or dependence, but they’re learning to revitalize their spirit and further become one with God. This type of treatment can be extremely powerful and uplifting.

Iowa Christian Alcohol Treatment Facilities

With more than 1.7 million residents that identify with Christianity, it’s no surprise that there are dozens of treatment facilities to help patients with such values and recovery programs in place, ranging from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City.

In Cedar Rapids, there are three Christian-based treatment centers, such as Area Substance Abuse Council, which offers both inpatient and outpatient recovery programs for patients. Unlike conventional treatment programs, the treatment at Area Substance Abuse Council focuses on life circumstances and also aims to involve family members and spouses in an individual’s recovery through a “whole person” approach. In Iowa City, there are facilities like MECCA Services, which offers residential live-in treatment for short- and long-term patients that need intensive 24-hour care, as well as outpatient care for those who suffer from moderate dependence.

Elsewhere around the state, there’s Prairie Ridge Addiction Treatment Services in Mason City, a treatment facility that offers proven treatment programs in state-of-the-art, modern facilities. As a means of treating alcohol addition, the facility offers intensive outpatient programs for both adults and adolescents. Residential treatment is also offered at the facility.

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