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Illinois Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersBattling addiction is a challenge that is both physically and emotionally exhausting. For many people, it helps to recover in a place that is focused on their Christian faith. In Illinois, approximately 6.4 million people identify themselves as Christians, representing about 52 percent of the total population. This has led to the formation of several different Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers throughout the state, allowing patients to get the treatment they need in an atmosphere that is focused on faith and love. Alcohol addiction is a prevalent problem in Illinois, with about 868,000 people reporting that they were dependent on alcohol or that they abused the drug in 2007. While many of those people reported that they were addicted to alcohol, 826,000 people did not get the treatment that they needed in order to cure their disease. Christian facilities aim to provide people with a supportive, faith-filled environment as they take on the challenge of overcoming their addiction.

Alcohol Treatment Recovery Programs in a Christian Environment

Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers offer many of the same programs as conventional treatment centers, but all of their programs include prayer and Christian teachings. These facilities are designed to help patients rely on their faith during a time that can be very challenging, allowing them to reach out to God for support throughout their recovery journey. People who believe in the Christian faith try to hold themselves accountable for their actions, and this belief can help those who are addicted to alcohol as they receive treatment.

Depending on the facility, treatment options at Christian alcohol recovery centers will vary. There are some facilities that provide only outpatient counseling treatment, allowing patients to continue to work and focus on their family while recovering from their addiction. Outpatient counseling centers offer individual therapy sessions as well as group counseling programs in order to help patients understand their addiction and move forward in life. Other facilities may focus on inpatient treatment programs. These programs allow patients to move into the facility and stay for a specific period of time in order to focus completely on their recovery. Inpatient facilities may offer programs that last for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days, depending on the level of the patient’s addiction to alcohol. Like other facilities, patients will be able to opt for conventional treatment programs or holistic care at Christian treatment centers.

Christian Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Illinois

There are many Christians in this state, which has led to the establishment of hundreds of Christian recovery treatment centers. Chicago is the urban hub of Illinois, and there are more than 150 Christian centers in this city. One of those facilities is the Association House of Chicago. This facility offers dual diagnosis care for patients who are battling addiction and mental illness at the same time. Keep the Faith Foundation is another treatment center in Chicago that offers Christian alcohol treatment recovery services. This facility provides patients with conventional alcohol recovery services in a faith-filled environment. PEER Services Inc. is a Christian alcohol treatment recovery center located in Evanston. It offers patients a variety of alcohol treatment services, ensuring that all patients can get on the road to recovery by understanding their addiction and committing to a plan that will help them move forward in life.

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