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Idaho Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersHollistic. Alternative. Faith-based.

The aforementioned categories are all types of treatment that people can seek when looking to overcome an addiction and get healthy. And choosing the right treatment – and venue in which to seek treatment – is arguably just as important as admitting that there’s a problem. Take alcohol, for instance, a substance that millions of people nationwide either abuse or are dependent on. Unlike other substances, alcohol is a socially acceptable substance, commonly consumed at family parties, special occasions and around the holidays. But when alcohol becomes consumed more than just in moderation, the consequences can be severe – potentially leading to one becoming dependent on it.

As previously mentioned, alcohol is a problem nationwide and the state of Idaho is no exception. It’s estimated that 236,000 Idaho citizens have binge drank alcohol within the past month. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 98,000 either abuse or are dependent on alcohol, 88,000 of which require treatment for their issue, but aren’t currently receiving it. And that’s where the topic of treatment comes back into the picture, specifically faith-based treatment. It’s estimated that there are 624,000 Idaho residents that associate themselves with Christianity, which makes one of the state’s Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers an ideal option, not just for overcoming their addiction to alcohol, but for strengthening their relationship with God as well.

The Christian Way of Alcohol Rehabilitation

As mentioned, Christian-based alcohol rehabilitation centers don’t just put a focus on healthy living and group and individual counseling to help patients overcome alcohol abuse or dependence, they also help strengthen the spirit of the individual and help them become closer with God. They help patients derive inspiration from the Bible in their fight against addiction and many also put a strong focus on community service to further inspire individuals and help them find purpose and meaning in society. Essentially, Christian treatment centers put a strong emphasis on faith in one’s route to getting healthy and overcoming their obstacles.

Like most rehabilitation centers, Christian-based ones typically offer both outpatient and inpatient services to cater to the type of treatment that is best for the particular individual. Such centers also provide individual counseling with a professional associate, as well as group counseling sessions that are appropriately moderated.

Christian Rehabilitation Centers in Idaho

There are dozens of Christian-based rehabilitation centers located throughout Idaho, from Boise to Blackfoot, making such faith-based treatment a viable option no matter what part of the state one resides in or is willing to travel to. In Boise, there’s the likes of Community Services Counseling, which has a strong history of helping people overcome alcohol dependence through outpatient treatment. The center places a large focus on treatment through cognitive self-change and tailoring treatment specifically to the needs of the particular patient. Another Christian-based recovery facility is Tueller Counseling Services in Rexburg, an outpatient treatment facility that also specializes in treating for adolescents with an alcohol issue.

Elsewhere around the state, there’s Ascent Behavioral Health Services in Meridian, which aims to assist patients along the road to recovery while also helping them improve the relationship with their family, friends and God. There are four Christian-based treatment centers in Twin Falls, including the Walker Center, a non-profit facility that offers both inpatient and residential care. Walker Center doesn’t just specialize in treating those with alcohol issues, but in establishing hope and healing for those on the path to sobriety.

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