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Florida Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersIn the state of Florida, roughly 53 percent of residents admit to drinking alcohol and around 23 percent admit to binge drinking, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. When an individual begins binge drinking, the risk of addiction can increase and it is possible that the individual will need professional assistance to recover from substance abuse. The U.S. Census Bureau states that roughly 422,000 residents in Florida are Christian. In some cases, an individual can benefit from a Christian treatment program that incorporates the values and beliefs of the Christian group that the individual follows.

What is Christian Alcohol Treatment?

A Christian alcohol treatment program is a specialized treatment options that focuses on the values, beliefs and information that is available in the Bible. The National Institutes on Health state that the treatment programs include secular treatment options as well as spiritual guidance and programs that are designed to address spiritual beliefs. By including the religious beliefs as well as the secular and traditional treatment options, an individual is facing multiple solutions to help with recovery.

The primary treatment options that are available in a Christian program include:

  • Traditional counseling for the individual
  • Group therapy that includes secular and religious discussions
  • Family therapy
  • Treatments for physical health concerns that may contribute to substance abuse
  • Treatments for mental health disorders or co-occurring disorders that may increase the risk of a relapse
  • Relapse prevention treatments and therapy
  • Biblical study or educational courses in religious beliefs
  • Fitness and nutrition therapy

There are several ways that a treatment program can assist with the recovery process. In the case of a Christian program, there is a large focus on spirituality and the impact of the spiritual belief system on the needs and goals of the individual. Depending on the situation, the specific treatment plan that is appropriate will vary. Many individuals can benefit from a treatment plan that is familiar and includes several options because it helps address multiple aspects of the substance abuse.

Treatment Programs in Florida

In the state of Florida, there are a wide array of treatment programs that can help with recovery. Among the programs, some offer Christian treatment options and religious solutions to help with recovery.

The Gateway Community Services Inc. Adolescent Outpatient Program is a treatment facility that focuses on the needs and goals of young individuals. The treatment plan is designed around an outpatient situation and the individual is not required to stay within the facility. Adolescents can still attend school or handle other responsibilities without giving up the treatment program. It is a Christian program and offers several options for payment and strict budget requirements.

The Advanced Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale is a Christian treatment program that offers a variety of payment options and a sliding scale for individuals who may not be able to afford more expensive treatments. The facility offers a variety of treatment programs and personalizes the treatment plan based on the needs and goals of the individual who is recovering from substance abuse.

Agape Family Ministries is a long-term residential program that assists with alcohol recovery and provides appropriate treatment for an extended period of time. Since alcohol addiction can be complicated, a long-term treatment plan can help reduce the risk of a relapse in the future. Treatment is available in the Agape Family Ministries for three to six months, depending on the needs of the individual who is recovering. The program offers a sliding scale for more affordable treatment and sets the cost based on the individual’s ability to handle the payment plan.

Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

To learn more about treatments that are available in Florida, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today.Alcohol abuse can impact the lives of entire families, but that does not mean it is a hopeless situation. Christian treatment programs are available that can help with the recovery process and provide hope for a future without alcohol. To learn more about treatments that are available in Florida, contact AlcoholTreatment.net today.

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