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Delaware Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol abuse can be particularly devastating to a wide variety of different types of people. Christians in particular are some of the most at-risk individuals not only in the state of Georgia but in the United States as a whole. Excessive drinking can cause a large number of different health concerns, including placing people of all ages at an increased risk for certain types of diseases and even a heart attack or stroke. One of the keys to getting the type of recovery that a person needs to overcome the effects of alcohol abuse is understanding the severe nature of the problem in the first place.

Alcohol Risks for Christians

Christians will particularly find themselves at risk for alcohol abuse for a number of important reasons. For starters, Christians are statistically more likely to drink to excess and consume five or more beverages multiple times a week than other groups of people. Christians are also less likely to be proactive and seek out the type of treatment they need due to their religious beliefs, which is why alcohol treatment and recovery information and awareness is so important.

Delaware Alcohol Abuse

It is estimated that in the past month alone, instances of alcohol abuse in the state of Delaware numbered at almost 27,000 individual cases. The total number of people who experienced binge alcohol use in Delaware between the ages of 12 and 20 were almost 2100 people. People who need to receive treatment to help overcome this issue in their lives but were not as of yet in any type of treatment program numbered at almost 4400 people.

Delaware Treatment Options for Christians

There are a variety of different alcohol treatment options in Delaware for Christians to take advantage of when they find themselves in a time of need. One of these facilities is the Aquila of Delaware/Georgetown Facility, located in the town of Georgetown, Delaware. It offers a wide mixture of both substance abuse and mental health services that will be hugely invaluable to people suffering from co-dependency issues.

Another facility aimed at providing Christians with the types of help that they need is the Corninthian House, which offers alcohol treatment recovery services and a variety of other options. Among the most notable services offered by the facility include long-term alcohol rehabilitation programs and options for extended stays of three to six months.

The Fellowship Health Resources Inc. Alcohol Abuse Center is also located in Delaware. It offers a wide range of alcohol treatment recovery services designed at creating a safe, nurturing and specialized environment for Christians in the state who are trying to rid themselves of the issue of alcohol abuse.

The Kent Sussex Counseling Services Center is also located in the state and also specializes at specific types of alcohol treatment recovery services aimed at Christians. All of the aforementioned facilities offer a wide range of payment options including private pay, cash, sliding scale payment options, payment plans and more. All of the facilities take a wide range of insurance options including COBRA plans, Indemnity Plans, financing options designed specifically for Christians and more.

Alcohol Treatment Information

Contact to get started todayIf you’re a Christian in the state of Delaware and feel like you need to enter some type of dependency program but aren’t sure exactly where to begin, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of resources out there for you to take advantage of. is one of those resources that is designed to not only educate Christians about the devastating affects of alcohol abuse, but also to provide these people with the tools that they need to truly take control of the issue and regain control of their lives. was created with the simple goal to help Christians through an admittedly difficult period of their lives and provide access to individuals who will help make sure that they don’t have to navigate these rough waters on their own.

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