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Arkansas Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersArkansas Culture and Alcoholism

Arkansas is a culturally diverse state, having sections that predominantly house minorities as well as other portions which are predominantly Caucasian. Arkansas offers a plethora of cultural and educational amenities and the rate of alcohol consumption and abuse is below the national average.

Though Arkansas has not seen the dire problems some states with higher rates of alcohol abuse are accustomed to, the state offers a number of options for alcohol treatment and finding ways to combat the problem in advance. Years of national attention and education have served to lower the rates of alcohol abuse in youth across the country, and Arkansas is no exception.

Arkansas’ Christian-Based Alcohol Treatment Centers Aid in Recovery

With more than 55 percent of Arkansas citizens identifying themselves as religious–the majority of those Christian–many treatment centers have found it imperative to utilize Christian tenets in their therapy plans. Therapy is available in a range of different types of treatment. Choosing the right plan can depend on the patient’s lifestyle, comfort level, and commitment to change. A patient whose faith is important in their everyday life often finds strength in treatment programs that allow them to lean on their religion and heal spiritually, as well as physically.

The Capstone Treatment Center in Judsonia is a Christian treatment center devoted to adolescent boys (ages 14-24). Capstone offers a wide range of therapy, including canine therapy, during which the patient is responsible for training and caring for their own puppy. They also offer adventure therapy and exercise therapy. The Capstone Treatment Center is licensed and accredited and patients come to the center from all over the United States.

Teen Challenge of Arkansas is another Christian-based treatment program. They have two facilities: one for teenage boys in Morrow and another for men in Hot Springs Village. Both facilities offer a strict Christian Bible-based recovery plan. They are affordable, they cater to the client’s needs, and they offer long-term residential treatment.

Agape House in Paragould is a Christian transitional house for women. Agape House’s primary purpose is to not only help women beat their addictions, but to help them grow into independent, self-assured community members. Members who do not have a high school diploma upon entrance will complete their GED through the course of the program. The treatment is Christian based and productivity in the community and life is part of the therapy.

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