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Arizona Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersArizona – Home of High Temperatures and Higher Alcohol Rates

Arizona is commonly associated with cowboys and Southwestern culture. In truth, the state is varied in climate and wildlife – great portions contain a desert-like climate, while areas like Flagstaff have pine trees and cooler temperatures. Almost a quarter of the state is home to American Indian Reservations of different tribes. The backgrounds of other citizens is varied including a mix of white Americans of varying ethnicities, Asians, Native American, Latinos, and black Americans. Areas such as Scottsdale and the Grand Canyon receive a lot of tourists and the Southwestern culture permeates the area.

Arizona also has a higher than average rate of alcohol consumption, with well over 50 percent of all adults indicating alcohol use in a 30 day span. While the statistics of underage drinking have gone down in recent years, they’re still above the national average.

Arizona’s Christian-Based Treatment Centers Help Addicts Overcome Alcohol

Alcoholism isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease. Many variables can bring you to alcoholism and there are just as many types of treatment. Many people of faith find that treatment programs based on their faith work best for them, whether they utilize outpatient treatment, residential treatment, or a specialized facility. Arizona offers many different treatment facilities to choose from in terms of Christian-based treatment.

The Calvary Addiction Recovery Center is located in Phoenix. They offer a full range of care, including extended, long-term treatment, medical detox, and an intensive outpatient program. The center offers both Christian-based treatment and treatment that is non-Christian. Though they offer non-Christian treatment, both types of treatment rely heavily on faith and the center believes that spiritual health is necessary for full recovery. A patient can choose to switch to the other type of treatment if they prefer. They also offer individual, family, and group counseling, depending on the individual need.

Doorways LLC, located in Phoenix, is an outpatient facility specializing in young adults from ages 13-25. Doorways offers a full range of psychiatric counseling with a faith-based therapy program. The facility works with groups, family, and individual therapy to battle addiction and other cognitive and mood disorders.

Crossroads Mission of Yuma is another Christian-based treatment center located in Yuma, Arizona. They are a non-profit facility and offer affordable residential treatment to men and women. In some cases the treatment can be free, based on need. They have a 120 day residential program based on Christian teachings, the 12-step method, and Bible study. They also offer free medical detox to those in need.

If you or a loved one need help in choosing a facility that’s right for your recovery, please feel free to contact for assistance.All of these centers utilize the Christian faith as an integral part of their structure, which can tend to the spirit and lend helping hands to true recovery.

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