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Alaska Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol in Alaskan Culture

Alaska is the largest state in the US in land area but has a relatively small population. The climate can be as much as 60 degrees below zero in some areas, though visitors are often surprised by the warmer temperatures of summer. The state is known best for its vast areas of unsettled land and wildlife population, which outnumbers the human inhabitants.

Alaska has also ranked among the highest in consumption of alcohol every year since statistics have been studied. The native inhabitants of Alaska experience an exceptionally high ratio of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse affects more than only the person with the disease. With these high instances of alcohol addiction, there are added stresses on the community such as a higher rate of automobile accidents and more acts of violence.

Alaska’s Christian-Based Treatment Centers and Your Recovery

While there are many different types of treatment, people of faith often find the most beneficial programs are those based on their own beliefs. Christian-based recovery centers seek to utilize the tenets of Christianity in the recovery process, believing that calling on a higher power for guidance will help the patient to achieve a successful recovery.

The Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission is a facility in Anchorage that serves male patients. They offer a two year program, free of charge, and patients can stay longer than the two-year span if they should want or need. The treatment includes Christian Bible studies and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings once you leave the program. Patients in the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission must sever all ties with the outside world during their stay. Many of the patients stay on to become volunteers after they’ve completed their program.

Volunteers of America Alaska is also located in Anchorage. This program is also faith-based and relies on the 12-step method. They cater to teens, both male and female. The residential treatment can extend past 3 months, and most patients are recommended by the state. The facility also offers a sliding fee scale and no patient is turned away due to financial difficulty.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, please contact for free guidance in selecting the right facility for your recovery.Set Free Alaska is a Christian-based treatment center in Wasilla that offers outpatient services for those suffering from addiction. Their services include an assessment, which gives the patient the opportunity to speak at length with professional counselors to determine the best mode of treatment. They offer outpatient counseling, support groups, education, and aftercare counseling.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, please contact for free guidance in selecting the right facility for your recovery. Getting back to your path can be easy. Take the next right step and contact us today.

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