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Alabama Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol addiction can effect any type of person — regardless of their background, ethnicity, and even their faith. In the state of Alabama, nearly 240,000 people reported that they were dependent on alcohol during the year 2007. Of those, 227,000 people did not seek out treatment in order to overcome their addiction. Christian people who are looking to get treatment for an addiction to alcohol may feel most comfortable at a facility that is affiliated with their faith. Christian-based alcohol treatment recovery centers incorporate spiritual values and Christian practices into their conventional treatment programs. This allows people to find faith and focus on spirituality during a time that is difficult for them, both physically and emotionally. There are approximately 2.4 million Christians in the state of Alabama, making up about 54 percent of the total state population. Given the fact that so many of the state’s residents consider themselves Christian, it comes as no surprise that there are many Christian treatment centers in this state.

About Christian Treatment Programs for Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers create specialized programs that incorporate their faith into patient treatment plans. First and foremost, these recovery centers focus on helping patients get through the physical challenges of the withdrawal process. Medical professionals are available in order to provide patients with the treatment that they need, and help them endure the side effects of withdrawal. At the same time, spiritual advisors will work with patients in order to help them call upon their faith during this time of need. After the withdrawal process is complete, patients will begin their treatment program in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Christians believe that people must hold themselves accountable to God, and must treat other people with respect and love. These beliefs are incorporated into all types of treatment options, including both outpatient and inpatient programs.

Like other alcohol recovery treatment centers, Christian facilities will offer a variety of treatment programs for patients. Some patients who are suffering from a less severe addiction to alcohol may opt for an outpatient counseling program, in which they work with counselors in both individual and group settings in order to understand the cause of their addiction and create a plan for moving forward. Patients who need more structure and who may be battling a more severe addiction may choose an inpatient program, in which they move into a facility for a set period of time in order to recover. In all of these programs, patients will incorporate prayer and Christian beliefs into their new sober life. Many Christian patients believe that their faith helps them walk through the challenge that they are currently facing.

Christian Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Alabama

There are many Christian alcohol treatment recovery centers in this state, with about 16 facilities being located in Birmingham alone. Fellowship House Inc is a residential treatment program that offers extended stays for patients. This facility offers alcohol treatment recovery services that cater to the specific and individual needs of the patient. Anniston Fellowship House Inc is a Christian facility based out of Anniston that offers residential treatment programs that last for 3-6 months. It works with patients who have a moderate or severe addiction to alcohol. Shoulder is a residential Christian center located in Daphne. Its programs last for about 3-6 months, and there are many different payment options available for patients.

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