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Alcohol-Related Crimes

Alcohol abuse can negatively impact a person’s life, and even cause them to break the law. Alcohol is more commonly connected to violent crimes, such as rape, murder, and child and spousal abuse, than any other substance. Alcohol And Crime Too much alcohol disrupts normal brain function, which increases the chance that a person will […]

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Spirituality And Addiction Recovery

  Spirituality and addiction recovery often go hand in hand. Spirituality may help an individual suffering from addiction find a new sense of purpose, balance, and wholeness. Is Addiction A Mental, Physical, And Spiritual Condition? Alcohol addiction (alcoholism) has been described as a mental, physical, and spiritual condition. Many experts believe that in order to […]

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Can You Smoke At An Alcohol Rehab Center_

Can You Smoke At Alcohol Rehab Centers?

You have decided to go to rehab and get treated for alcohol addiction. Now, on top of everything else you have to think about, you keep asking the same question: will I be able to smoke cigarettes while I’m there? Smoking Is Often Permitted At Alcohol Rehab Centers There are no established hard and fast […]

Read Full Article Blackouts And Alcohol Poisoning

Blackouts and Alcohol Poisoning

An alcohol-induced blackout may increase the risk of alcohol poisoning. Blackouts and alcohol poisoning both happen from drinking too much alcohol, too quickly. How Are Blackouts And Alcohol Poisoning Related? Many people stop drinking once they’ve reached a certain level of intoxication, but that isn’t always the case for someone who binge drinks. Binge drinking […]

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Treating Alcohol Addiction Pregnant Women_

Treating Alcohol Addiction In Pregnant Women

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may result in miscarriage, stillbirth, or permanent brain damage to the baby. Seeking treatment may prevent a mother from losing her child to alcohol abuse. Pregnant And Addicted To Alcohol Everything a woman eats or drinks during pregnancy goes to the baby, and this includes addictive substances like alcohol. When a […]

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The Dangers Of Drinking Mouthwash To Get Drunk

The Dangers Of Drinking Mouthwash To Get Drunk

Some mouthwash products contain more than 20 percent alcohol, which is the equivalent of 40-proof liquor in the United States. Many mouthwash solutions also contain hydrogen peroxide and methyl alcohol, which are toxic to ingest. Mouthwash is designed to be spit out rather than swallowed, and ingesting even a small amount can be seriously dangerous. […]

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Is There A Cure For Alcoholism_

Is There A Cure For Alcoholism?

People suffering from alcoholism may feel trapped in their addiction. Although a cure may not always be possible, alcoholism can be treated as a chronic illness, which allows a person to carry on with a full and sober life. Finding The Cure For Alcoholism There is a cure for alcoholism—if the cure is learning to […]

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Can I Bring My Cell Phone To An Alcohol Treatment Center_

Can I Bring My Cell Phone To An Alcohol Rehab Center?

About 95 percent of Americans own cell phones, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. It is a common question among individuals considering rehab if they will be able to bring their cell phone with them. Role of Cell Phones In Alcohol Treatment The “need for freedom and autonomy” is a common […]

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Teenage Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Teenage Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Teenagers are responsible for approximately 11 percent of the alcohol consumed in the United States. Receiving treatment for alcohol abuse at a young age can increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety. What Is Teenage Alcohol Abuse? Alcohol abuse is defined as the habitual misuse of alcohol, or drinking to excess. Alcohol abuse is also a […]

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Does Binge Drinking Lead To Alcoholism?

Binge drinking, a form of alcohol abuse, is a dangerous practice which can lead to alcoholism. A medically-supervised detoxification program and inpatient drug rehab can help you to regain a sober life. Binge drinking may not occur on a daily basis, but, over time, these patterns can lead to alcoholism. Voluntarily having one drink, or […]

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