Biophysical Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

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“Biophysical” refers to using methods of physics to study biological systems. In the case of alcohol addiction, biophysical treatment does not utilize drugs to get the patient over the initial detoxification period. This method allows the body to heal on a cellular level, helping you get a clear mind and body.
The idea of biophysical treatment goes back over 50 years, but is currently gaining in popularity.

How Does It Work?

When alcohol passes through the liver and kidneys it can leave behind particles called metabolites. Over the years, these metabolites build up, and get stored in the fatty tissues of your body. From time to time they get re-released into the bloodstream, which causes cravings. The principle behind biophysical treatment is to prevent this re-release through holistic means, not through adding more drugs to the mix. Metabolites can stay in the body for 10 years, so the initial detoxification, while helpful, doesn’t always take care of the entire problem. Biophysical treatment often proves more useful to you as a patient and may prevent relapses down the road.

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What Methods Are Used?

Biophysical treatment, with its emphasis on not using medical drugs to help with withdrawal, utilizes many methods to aid you in detoxing. These methods include acupuncture, yoga, nutrition therapy, meditation, therapeutic massage, light therapy, Tai Chi, chiropractic adjustments, and aromatherapy. Light exercise, a regimen of natural supplements, and daily physical therapy are often part of the program, and most treatment centers have special medical sauna rooms, also proven to be beneficial in the detoxification process. The focus, as with more rehab centers, is always to get you back to a healthy state. When you feel good inside, you’re likely to make better lifestyle choices and be more able to resist backsliding into old behavior patterns.

Just One Big Step

Traditional alcohol rehab centers often make use of the 12-Step program first popularized in the 1930s by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Biophysical treatment relies instead on a non-12-Step program of counseling. Traditional 12-Step counseling relies on group participation, which at times can degenerate into telling addiction stories, often triggering cravings. Patients in traditional programs are often told that staying off booze is a daily struggle, emphasizing the “life is a battle” side of things, which can make you feel that beating your addiction is hopeless. AA and some other 12-Step programs are often spiritual in nature as well, whereas biophysical treatment believes in keeping that area of life separate from treatment. That’s not to say you can’t have a religious component in recovery; of course you can. Biophysical treatment simply leaves it up to you to find out when, and if, you want to include that aspect of things.

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