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Arizona Alcohol Recovery CentersIn Arizona, Alcoholism Comes with the Territory

Unique demographics, high rates of migration, and the disparity between developed urban areas and under served rural areas all create a dangerous culture of drinking in the state of Arizona.

A 2011 survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control showed that Arizona has the highest rates of high school drinking in the country. More alarmingly, young people were not just consuming alcohol—they were consuming it in large quantities. The survey determined that easy access to alcohol for minors contributed significantly to the problem.

Arizona also has a large Native American population that has historically struggled with issues related to alcohol abuse. In 2009, liver disease and cirrhosis, two of the most common symptoms of alcohol abuse, were the fifth leading cause of death in this population. High rates of alcoholism also contribute to a disproportionate frequency of infant mortality, fetal alcohol syndrome, and birth defects.

Arizona Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers and Programs

Like addicts themselves, programs for treating alcohol addiction are all different. Finding a program that caters to your unique needs and circumstances enhances your ability to stay sober in the long term. Before you enter any program, have an in-depth conversation with one of their representatives about the services they provide.

Native Americans struggling with alcohol addiction can find specialized help at Native America Connections in Phoenix. Their philosophy is that healing cannot be separated from culture or spirituality, which is why they incorporate many aspects of Native practice into their treatment programs. They also provide assistance with housing and jobs to help recovering alcoholics build stable lives around their sobriety.

Contact us today to get free information about the treatment facilities in your area and the programs they offer for alcohol addiction.The New Foundation in Scottsdale provides outpatient and residential substance abuse treatments for youths aged 11 to 17. They have been operating since 1970 and place a strong emphasis on reconnecting troubled youths with their families. In addition to traditional treatment programs, The New Foundation offers a residential style program that allows the patient to live with their parents in their own home.

In the Mesa area, women can find help with addiction at Women in New Recovery, which offers a holistic, gender-specific treatment plan that is designed to accommodate the unique needs of female addicts. Their residential, extended stay program helps women detoxify, analyze the causes of their addiction, and reenter society with the tools to succeed. The facility was founded by a woman who personally struggled with addiction.

Contact us today to get free information about the treatment facilities in your area and the programs they offer for alcohol addiction.

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