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Given the fact that not every person is the same, it’s important to remember that not every alcoholic is the same. While the traditional alcohol recovery treatment centers have been successful for millions of people across the country, there are certain patients who benefit from the programs and resources offered at alternative alcohol treatment recovery centers. Alternative alcohol treatment recovery centers incorporate some traditional methods of recovery, such as private and group therapy, while also using alternative medicine and homeopathic remedies to help addicts deal with the physical side effects of becoming sober.

What is Daily Life Like at an Alternative Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center?

Daily life at an alternative alcohol treatment recovery center will vary based on the facility that the patient chooses. Most of these treatment centers provide patients with alternative options for managing their physical symptoms of withdrawal and dealing with the emotional aspects of recovery. While there may be some centers that offer group therapy sessions or traditional recovery programs, most focus on alternative methods of helping patients become and remain sober. Yoga sessions, Reiki sessions and meditation sessions may replace traditional group therapy. Vitamin supplements, herbal supplements and aromatherapy may be used instead of the prescription medications that are offered at other more traditional facilities.

Why Choose an Alternative Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center?

Patients who are about to enter a recovery program need to recognize that this is a major step in their life, and they should understand the types of needs they have as a patient. Just as some people know what type of doctor they like to go to, an alcoholic should research various recovery centers and understand what needs they have as a person. Alternative alcohol treatment recovery centers offer patients a different way to achieve sobriety. Some people find that this unique approach gives them the motivation they need and the support they need in order to become sober and stay sober for the long-term.

What is the Cost of an Alternative Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center? Will My Insurance Cover the Cost?

As with other types of more traditional alcohol treatment recovery centers, the cost of an alternative alcohol treatment recovery center will vary based on the services provided at the center and the location of the facility. Given the alternative nature of these programs, many of them are more expensive than their more traditional counter parts. At the same time, insurance providers may not be as apt to provide coverage for alternative programs. Patients should discuss their needs with their insurance provider in order to see if there will be coverage available for them.

When most people think of an alcohol treatment recovery center, they immediately think of the traditional 12-step program and group therapy meetings that might be intimidating. If you or someone you love is interested in becoming sober but doesn’t feel that the traditional recovery centers will be beneficial, it might be time to consider an alternative alcohol treatment recovery center.

It can be difficult to find the perfect alternative alcohol treatment recovery center, but that is why we at are here to help. Call our professional counselors today in order to find out more information about alternative centers in your area. We can help explain the various services that are offered at the alternative alcohol treatment recovery centers in your area, as well as help you find the one that will fit best within your budget. To get started on your path to sobriety in a way that is uniquely catered to your needs, contact us today.

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