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Alcohol Treatment Coverage with United Healthcare

Getting over an alcohol addiction can require both emotional and financial support. An insurance policy that would cover such treatment would go a long way in ensuring that one dependent on alcohol could focus not on the financial aspect related to the treatment, but on recovery and sobriety. This is where United Healthcare comes in. United Healthcare insurance is one of largest players in the market, and they offer coverage plans to benefit those seeking alcohol treatment and rehabilitation.

United Healthcare Insurance & Authorization

It is critical for members who are applying for coverage through United Healthcare to seek authorization. This assists in getting members the help that they need in a prompt and efficient manner. Getting authorization involves talking to an experienced mental health care professional who will determine the needs of the patient and point them in the direction of a substance abuse health care professional in the area that is most qualified to meet the patient’s needs. A patient must acquire authorization from United Healthcare before they receive any inpatient or outpatient services for alcohol abuse and before their benefits are covered.

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United Healthcare Insurance & United Behavioral Health

Patients who suffer from an alcohol abuse problem can rely on confidential and convenient services through United Healthcare’s United Behavioral Health (UBH). Not only can UBH help members who have an alcohol abuse problem, but it can also assist them in troubles that plague their jobs, family life, and overall mental state.

Healthcare Professionals and United Healthcare Insurance

United Healthcare’s UBH has years of experience in treating alcohol abuse problems. The team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and substance abuse counselors who possess extensive training to help patients achieve recovery.

United Healthcare Insurance & Detoxification Coverage

United Healthcare does not cover inpatient hospital detoxification during the more acute stages of alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal.

Outpatient detoxification is covered only when Medicare coverage criteria are met. Detoxification services that are not covered are as follows:

  • Inpatient detoxification to remove the patient from their environment so as to prevent access to alcohol
  • Transportation, meals, and social/recreational activities for outpatient hospital services
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Alcohol abuse testing that is court-ordered unless medically necessary
  • Electrical aversion therapy for treatment of alcohol abuse

United Healthcare Insurance Coverage

Call To ActionWithin United Healthcare’s network of healthcare providers is a list of treatment center and clinics. Patients who are looking for outpatient or residential rehabilitation treatment must choose from one of their sanctioned clinicians. United Healthcare offers flexible coverage for patients. They offer partial coverage for addiction rehabilitation in centers that are associated with United’s network.

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