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Humana Can Help You Along Your Journey to Beating Alcohol Addiction

The road to alcohol rehabilitation could be not only a long and winding one, but also an expensive one. However arduous and costly, it is one that an alcohol addict must embark upon on to get their life back on track. Humana health insurance covers costs related to alcohol treatment for such individuals so that they may regain control of their lives. Living a healthy life requires a patient’s self-control to be regained. This can be achieved with a holistic rehabilitation program. Many alcohol rehab centers accept Humana health insurance for employee or individual coverage.

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Humana & Detox Services

Often the first step to any alcohol rehabilitation program is an effective detoxification program. A detox program helps a patient rid their body of harmful toxins. This process may last for 3 days or longer, depending on how long their body needs to adjust to the changes in their physical chemistry. Humana, one of the largest insurance companies in the country, offers both individual coverage and group insurance through its HumanaOne program. Depending on the type of coverage a patient has through Humana, they might qualify for coverage of the detoxification stage, as well.

Humana & Rehab

The HumanaOne program does not restrict patients to specific hospitals, doctors, and treatment centers. This program gives patients the freedom to choose facilities that are not included in the traditional network. Patients are required to pay a certain amount of out-of-pocket expenses towards their health care costs every year before Humana starts paying for their medical bills. Costs for rehab are different for those holding individual policies and for patients who are covered through their employers.

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Humana & Alcohol Abuse Coverage

Through a subsidiary called LifeSynch, Humana now offers more than just standard health care. LifeSynch integrates behavioral health care and standard medical treatment with the intention of promoting a holistic approach to body and mind health. LifeSynch includes treatment for alcohol abuse that focuses on creating a support network including rehab centers and alcohol abuse treatment professionals, employers, and behavior coaches, to help patients through recovery. Patients who have Humana coverage through their employer must check with their benefits representative to find out if LifeSynch services are available.

Humana’s Standard Health Insurance & Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

Patients who are covered by their employers through Humana are usually eligible for coverage of some of the costs of alcohol abuse treatment. For those patients who have individual coverage through Humana, coverage may depend on whether they added addiction and mental health coverage as options on their plan.

Generally speaking, Humana’s individual plans cover half of the costs related to alcohol abuse treatment except when the treatment is included as part of the prescribed treatment of another diagnosed mental health disorder. Coverage will be at a level similar to other hospital-provided outpatient and inpatient care when the treatment is included as part of the treatment for another diagnosed mental health disorder.

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