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If you’re thinking of attending an alcohol treatment center, you’re probably concerned about success rates. After all, you don’t want to invest your hard earned money into something that may not work. Thankfully, alcohol treatment centers have been shown to be a successful way for most people to quit drinking forever. And there are multiple things you can do to increase your chances of obtaining the sobriety you want and deserve.

The Success Rate of A Typical Center

Assessing the success rate of an alcohol treatment center is relatively difficult, because there are so many centers throughout the country. However, there are multiple sources that indicate a generalized success rate. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous did a survey of people in its group who have finished rehabilitation treatment and found that 35 percent of its members were sober for more than five years.

That is a success rate of just over a third and that’s only for one organization. Alcoholics Anonymous utilizes the 12-Step program, which is a common guideline throughout most alcohol treatment centers. However, treatment centers also utilize a variety of other treatment options that are designed to help you physically, emotionally, and psychologically overcome your addiction.

Each step in this process is likely to add at least a 10 percent increase in your chance of success. For example, if you receive dietary guidance to overcome malnutrition after suffering from alcoholism, you’re going to feel stronger, healthier, and more resistant to returning to alcohol use.

Longer Stays Equates To More Success

There are multiple stay limits for alcohol treatment, the most common of them being 30, 60, and 90 days. Some people may be able to successfully detoxify and rehabilitate from alcohol addiction in 30 days, but studies have shown that longer stays greatly increase your chance of success.

Just how long is necessary? The Centers for Disease Control have reported that 90 days seems to be the most successful rehabilitation stay time. Remember: you’re going to go through multiple steps and each of these steps can take several days to several weeks to finish, depending on each individual. The longer you have to focus on each step, the more successful your rehabilitation.

Consider this study from the Archives of General Psychiatry. They tested the relapse rates of people who attended 30- and 90-day programs and discovered that 35 percent of the people in a 30-day program relapsed while 17 percent relapsed from the 90-day program. That huge decrease in relapse indicates why it is so important to stay in rehab as long as you can.

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The Process Involved

Alcohol addiction rehabilitation is much more than the 12-Step program. While the 12-Step has proven to be a successful guide, alcohol rehabilitation has moved beyond that process to include a wide variety of vitally important methodologies. This new diversity of treatment options helps increase your success rate by ensuring every aspect of your addiction is treated. These treatment options include:

  • Detoxification – monitoring your withdrawal symptoms to ensure they are as pain-free as possible. May include replacement medicines or other medical treatments.
  • Psychological treatment – assesses the psychological and emotional contributions to your addiction. Once these contributions are found, methods for dealing with these problems will be implemented.
  • Behavioral adjustment – helps eliminate problematic patterns of behavior that lead to alcohol abuse. For example, if you use drinking as a way to monitor depression, treatments like cognitive-behavior therapy will help you find healthier coping methods.
  • Aftercare – attending regular meetings to keep your counselors assessed of your progress. It can also include sober living tips (such as how to turn down drinks at a holiday party), job placement help, and more.
  • Alternative treatment options – designed for people who have struggled with the 12-Step program or who simply want a different option. These treatments include dialectical behavior therapy, massage therapy, wilderness treatments, and much more.

The addition of the spiritual aspect of the 12-Step process can help you find peace with yourself and soothe any mental turmoil that contributes to your addiction. Completing this full process in a 90-day window helps your success rate shoot through the roof.

Other Ways You Can Boost Your Success Rate

Success in alcohol addiction treatment centers is only partially reliant on the center itself. Successful treatment is also heavily dependent on you making the dedication to get sober and following each step of rehabilitation carefully.

Thankfully, there are several simple ways you can increase your success rates during rehab and after. These steps include:

  • Always attending your meetings and taking them seriously
  • Fully committing to the program’s process
  • Honestly opening up during psychological assessment
  • Finding a sober buddy after you finish
  • Attending aftercare treatment
  • Avoiding people, locations, and events with alcohol
  • Exercising and eating properly (to avoid depression that can lead to relapse)

Following these steps are crucial to improving your success rate. If you utilize these steps and successfully complete your rehab, there’s a good chance your success rate will be near 100 percent. And that’s the kind of reward you simply can’t live without.

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If you're interested in learning more about how alcohol treatment centers can help you, please contact us at today.Success in an alcohol treatment center requires a lifelong commitment to sobriety and the willingness to make the changes you need to succeed. If you’re interested in learning more about how alcohol treatment centers can help you, please contact us at today. Our helpful counselors have free information that is crucial for your sobriety goals.

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