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According to the CDC, over half of all adults age 18 and older are regular drinkers. Each year over 41,000 people people die because of alcohol consumption and the complications it can cause. Alcoholism is a very serious condition that needs to be treated in order to help people struggling with the disease live a normal, healthy life. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, alcohol treatment recovery centers can help, and it may be more affordable than you think to get that help.

What Treatment Is Like?

Alcoholism treatment will vary from one center to the next, but treatment may include:

  • Medical detox using medication to control withdrawal symptoms
  • Counseling to teach alcoholics how to avoid or deal with drinking triggers
  • Group meetings to provide support for the alcoholic

Most alcoholism treatment programs use a 12-step program to teach alcoholics how to handle their addiction. These steps teach the addict to break away from people who use alcohol, open their minds to growth and self-improvement and work on personal relationships that were damaged by the addiction. Ongoing support is necessary for the addict to stay away from alcohol.

A 12-step program may be combined with other treatments at the recovery center to make them more effective. In addition, some programs will help link their graduates with community resources to help them start living a normal life again.

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How Can Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers Help?

Most alcohol treatment recovery centers treat patients on an inpatient basis. This means they remove the individuals from the people and triggers in their lives that cause them to turn to alcohol. In addition, these programs remove all potential sources of alcohol, so the individual is forced to detox. In addition, they provide counseling, medical care and education to help the alcoholic make true change.

Is Alcoholism Treatment Successful?

Measuring the success of treatment is difficult, because relapse can happen at many stages of life. However, approximately one-third of the people who successfully complete treatment are able to fully recover from their addiction.

What Is the Cost of Alcohol Treatment?

The cost of alcohol treatment is going to vary depending on the type of recovery you choose. Some programs are community-based and are free or low cost. Programs that require you to live at the rehab facility will cost significantly more. Often the cost of treatment is what stops addicts from seeking help, but those who do not have the funds for a costly treatment can find affordable options with the right direction.

Does Insurance Cover Alcoholism Treatment?

Some insurance providers will cover alcoholism treatment, particularly if the alcoholism is causing adverse health effects. However, insurance will limit the number of sessions or days of inpatient treatment it will cover, as well as the number of times an insured individual can seek treatment. Contact your insurance provider to see what coverage you have.

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We will listen to your needs and help you find a program that can get you started on the road to recovery.If you or someone you love needs alcohol treatment, finding a program that fits into your budget is the first step towards getting help. To find a program near you, contact We will listen to your needs and help you find a program that can get you started on the road to recovery.

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